I am a Joe C. Grose and 45 years old and I am a traveler for tasting food in all over the world. Last 10 years I traveled all over the world. First I was visit in Malaysia in 2005. I was in 38 years old. I remembered that fist landing on kalalampur  international airport. and ride on sky train and gone to salak salatan. I was nice place and took a hotel room. And from my hotel room view the ocean where were always visiting viewer day and night. So I took rest on the bed.

Then new day new morning come on my hand I got up early in the morning and left the hotel room for took my breakfast. And firstly I took “Roti Chennai”  with sumber is Indian food called sumber. When I was started my breakfast I felt awesome. It was like to so delicious, healthy, and almost tasty. And then traveling for took taste to Malaysian state food. Ony by one I tasted if different place in Malaysia and feel that, note that, and also take a picture. Then 5 days later I was back in my home town.

That’s why I tell the story that’s my blog and I upload every video where I am traveling. And my viewer is almost 2 million. Who are following me and share me comments. I told to my all viewer without their inspiration I cannot sustain this way. Actually when you share something or comment to my blog I feel I will totally recharged to go to next day for done the better work.

So you can also start the suitable and dreamed journey to following my video here is details step by step with place to place.  I hope it will be good guide line for your traveling so happy traveling….